The Loch Ness Monster (5/5)

The mystery of the Loch Ness Monster, like Bigfoot, is one of the most enduring mysteries of our day. People are so nuts over Nessie that one man sold everything to by a van and spend twenty-five years living by Loch Ness in hopes of catching glimpse of the monster. Needless to say, he didn’t find a single piece of evidence, gave up on his search, and presumably went on to reflect on wasting most of his life sitting in a van.

Much of the legend stems from a single photo from the early 30s that shows what appears to be a monster poking its head out from the water. This photo caused quite a stir as it was from a respected surgeon and colonel, with many claiming the monster could be a long extinct specious of dinosaur; and while many claimed it all to be a hoax, their voices were largely ignored because real science and research is totally boring. 

All the claims about the existence of Nessie are pretty easily debunked. From the fact that the loch is too small to sustain a creature of that size, or that, until very recently in history the whole thing was frozen over, all signs point to this being bunk. You can also point to no bones being discovered of other creatures, or the giant dumps that a creature the size of Nessie would leave behind, you can see the writing on the wall.But the biggest proof of this all being a hoax is the photo itself. You see, studies on the photo were keep to a minimum up until 1984 when a real professional, Stewart Campbell analyzed the photo for an article in the British Journal of Photography. He found that the object could be no longer than three feet, and that, at best, it may have been some marine bird of the like sticking its head out of the water. This can clearly be seen when looking at the very small, non-cropped photo.

But Campbell was wrong about that last bit. You see, the creature was actually a toy submarine with a tacked on sea-serpent head. In 1994 when Christian Spurling was on his death bed at the age of 90, he confessed to his involvement in a plot to create the fake monster. He stated that the plot involved both Marmaduke Wetherell and Colonel Wilson, the original person that claimed to have captured the image. Not very exciting, which is probably why it’s left out of most explanations that don’t involve aliens. Always with the aliens.

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