The Dyatlov Pass Incident (2/5)

In 1959 a group of ski hikers in Russia took a fun trip up the Kholat Syakhl. For those that aren’t aware, Kholat Syakhl is Russian for “Mountain of the Dead,” so when they all wound up dead under mysterious circumstances, people took it as a sign. To be fair, what they found of the missing hiking team was pretty creepy, with three of the hikers found with cracked skulls and crushed ribs. Add in the fact that no defensive wounds of any kind were found on the bodies, and you have a mystery on your hands.But things only got weirder from there, as other members of the team were found dead under similarly strange circumstances. One member was missing their tongue, while others were found striped down to their underwear, something frowned upon when out hiking in the snow, with traces of radiation on the bodies. These mysterious deaths led to a number theories about their deaths including it being a Yeti attack, alien abduction gone wrong, or the Russian government. 

But those that looked into the matter beyond simply watching one of those spooky list videos on YouTube, or posting in “amateur” (heavy emphasis on amateur) detective forums found that the deaths of the hikers weren’t all that mysterious, or even that spooky. In fact, some simple research shows exactly what happened to the hikers.The missing tongue can be chalked up to an animal eating it for lunch as the soft tissue inside an open mouth is pretty irresistible, especially when it probably smells of people food. As for the crushed bodies that didn’t fight back against those pesky aliens or Yeti? Well, a simple avalanche explains that away pretty easily. 

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