Police Dashcam Ghost Car (4/5)

This one is interesting because of the evidence for it. We have video from a dash-cam showing what many claim is a ghost car seemingly teleporting through a fence. This footage was taken by a police officer’s dashcam and many point to it as the best footage for ghosts in the modern age.

During a chase down some country roads at night, a police officer was gaining ground on the suspect he noted was driving erratically when the car veered to the left and teleported straight through a solid fence. The video is pretty wild as the officer is unable to follow because of the very same fence the ghost car drove though. 

YouTube investigators made some wild claims, but like most instances, when you break it down it has a pretty boring explanation. You see, it seems that all these amateur investigators failed to do the most basic of work; contacting the police department and/or officer involved. The officer in question was actually happy to answer questions, saying there was nothing spooky about the incident. He was chasing a car that he suspected was being driven by a drunk driver (not a ghost man), and that when he gave chase the driver eventually veered left, like in the video. The officer then said the vehicle did, in fact, hit the fence, but that he had managed to dislodge most of the metal clips holding the chain-link in place. Because of this, the driver managed to drive under it like one would through a carwash. So when the office drove up he could not pass as the fence didn’t look out of order.  

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