Crystal Skulls (1/5)

You’ll find crystal skulls pop up in online lists of spooky items that have been found around the globe. 

The story about these skulls was even used as the centerpiece of the worst Indiana Jones film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Television shows often make some pretty wild claims about these skulls, like that they are alien super computers, all the while saying that ancient humans simply did not have the tools to create these skulls. And to be fair, the last part is actually mostly true.While collectors and conspiracy theorists like to claim that these skulls are pre-Columbian era artifacts, the reality is is a lot more boring. Television programs have shown “experts” looking at these skulls and noticing strange auras and spirit energy, but when the skulls were tested by actual professionals, using electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography, they turned out to be bunk.

It’s always a shame when actual, legitimate scientists ruin all the fun. When the results came in from several skulls held by the British Museum and Smithsonian, they showed very small rotary marks in the teeth, eye sockets, and even on the cranium. Researchers even manged to find out that the crystal came from Brazilian rock crystal from somewhere in Europe.A few other skulls still exist out there in the hands of collectors, including the most famous one, the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, but after the results from the analysis on the ones held by museums, you better believe others won’t be bringing theirs forward for testing anytime soon. At least not by anyone with a degree in science.  

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