12 of the World’s Most Festive Cities You Should Visit at Least Once

Some cities go all out for the holidays and their decor is sure to leave you speechless. From the stringing lights, big ornaments and huge trees, they’ll have you feeling like you’re in a magical winter wonderland! Keep reading and check out the most beautiful, festive cities all around the world…


New York City, New York

Come on… How can it get better than the city that already never sleeps, celebrating the holidays?! It can’t. People from all over the world travel to New York City to check out the holiday magic this city has to offer. Specifically taking photos by the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree, ice skating at the rink, admiring the hundreds of incredible window displays, and of course seeing Santa at Macy’s New York!


Tallinn, Estonia

How would you like to visit the city where the world’s first Christmas tree was erected in 1441? Or at least that’s what the locals say! And take a look at the mix of modern and medieval architecture this city has to offer… Combined with snow and the lanterns lit at night, Tallinn is one place you’ll never forget.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is a fun destination for those who want the Christmas spirit without the cold weather. Take in all the sun here as you watch the lighted boat parade in the San Juan Bay! Another magical event is the Festival de Platos Tipicos which celebrates the traditional holiday dishes of the season with live music – how fun!


Bruges, Belgium

If you’re looking for romance during the holiday season, check out Bruges, Belgium. It offers some of the most picturesque views in the world and holds lots of history near and dear, making it the perfect Christmas destination. Spend your time wandering the cobblestone streets and going to the Christmas market, drinking all the hot chocolate your heart desires, then end the day by admiring the many festive window displays!


Budapest, Hungary

This lesser known festive city is home to Europe’s largest outdoor skating rink! Budapest is a great place to go for great holiday spirit. Grab a tasty chimney cake and hop on the festive Christmas streetcar lit up for all to adore. While you’re there, you may choose to check out Budapest’s famous thermal baths too – they’ll keep you warm during the winter chill.


Prague, Czech Republic

It’s very clear why Prague has won the award of the best Christmas destination in Europe. While there, walk along the cobblestone streets and take in all the beautiful baroque and Gothic architecture. During this time of the year, the glittering decorations simply make them more magical than ever. Some absolute musts, though? The Christmas markets in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square.


Vienna, Austria

When it comes to loving Christmas, Vienna isn’t shy. The markets bring out romance and an unexplainable charm to the city. Walking around, visitors from all over take in the aromas of roasted chestnuts, warm spice punch and candied fruit. They even provide classical concerts, carousel rides, pony rides and all the lit up trees people of all ages could only dream of.


London, England

Visiting London is one thing, but visiting London during the holidays is a whole new level… The capital simply bursts with holiday cheer! With multiple ice rinks and a range of holiday concerts to choose from, there’s an activity sure to bring joy to everyone.


Edinburgh, Scotland

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If you’re looking for a party, hit up Edinburgh. Not only do they celebrate Christmas, but six other weeks as well! Bursting with seasonal excitement, here you can stroll through the Christmas market right below the famous Edinburgh Castle, or get a bird’s eye view of the carnival atmosphere atop the big wheel!


Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is absolutely an extremely special, fun winter playground for people of all ages! The city’s huge urban square transforms with a light show that creates a fairy tale-like experience! Local vendors and cool rides are just a small part of the experience.


Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is all about the arts and entertainment part of the holidays. And look at the snow… In Montreal, you definitely get to experience a real white Christmas.


Como, Italy

Experience Italy in a whole new light (literally) when you visit during the holidays. Lake Como puts on a display of inspiring lights and moving images in the historic city centre, making the city come alive. And the best part is – every year, there’s a classic theme to the event so it’s different and exciting each time you go.

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