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Top 10 Most Disgusting Food Items!

Everyone know that food is the second most necessary part of life without it no one can live a long run life . From prehistoric life to today’s life men  still hunting for food .

I f we talk about today’s modern life we have infinite variety of food available to fulfill our wishes . Every culture have their own way to make their food tasty and unique mean that every culture has a health food background.Here in the world people change their taste of food every day spicy to simple and simple to spicy but i am going to present you a best list of top 10 most disgusting food items which can be titled as Food Blunders. No one wished to eat that type of food from heart.

9. Rocky Mountain Oysters:

What do you think if some one serve you testicles ? Have you ever tried to eat that at least i did once.

Rocky Mountain oysters, or mountain oysters, or meat balls, also known as prairie oysters in Canada (French: animelles), is a dish made of bull testicles. The organs are often deep-fried after being skinned, coated in flour, pepper and salt, and sometimes pounded flat. This delicacy is most often served as an appetize

Rocky Mountain oysters

8. Bitter Gourd And Shrimp:

Some people like bitter taste but at least i am not that kind of person are you ? Once my friend invited me at dinner and she served me this meal and when i first tasted it i thought i should prefer dying than eating such typy of bitter crap food.

Bitter Gourd And Shrimp

7. Hasma:

Did you ever heard about that food dish named as Hasma.It is a Chinese dessert made from the dried fallopian tubes of frogs. Yup this is made with the reproductive organs of frog and sold in a dried strunken form in the end some sugar is added is that dish to give them a special sweetness.


6. Lute fisk

The other name of lute fish is Lye Fish since it is prepared from lye soda. This disgusting food is made from dried / salted white fish and lye.If you want to eat that fish then don’t try to over cook that meal because after over cooking lye present in that food makes this meal a soap.

Lute fisk

5. Casu Marzu:

This dish named as casu marzu is made from Sheep Milk and is mailnly found in Italy.Due to larvae is present in  this dish it is very famous in Italy. Do you want to eat insect alive? Because larvae changed to insect in your intestine if this dish will not digest and very harmful for intestine and health.

Casu Marzu

4. Ox-Penis:

This disgusting food item is at number 4 in my list . It shows every thing from its name that it is made from the penis of ox . I shocked to heard about that but it is really true. In a few oriental countries it is eaten without cooked and as a raw or sometime after deep frying in oil, The believe of Chinese that After eating Ox Penis they will get a great skin and it will increase the longevity.


3. Balut:

Balut is commonly available in Philippines and Vietnam ,  it is made from an egg with a fertilized duck embryo which is boiled alive.

Just imagine that if you are waiting for your breakfast at table and this this fertilized duck embryo with boiled egg eil served you in your plate. How pathetic it will be ??


2. Escamoles:

Now we are talking about the second most disgusting food item in my list which is Escamoles, these are larvae of ants harvested from the roots of mascals Which is a plant found in Mexico. They have to digg to feet down to reach a single nest of larvae . Precaution are very necessary Because ants bites are very painful.


1. Pacha:

It is very common and traditional dish in Iraq made from the Sheep’s Head, Trotters And Stomach. all boiled slowly and served with the bread, how irritating it is to eat stomach , Pacha is well known in Kuwait and other Gulf Countries.In Iran it is names as Kale Pacha.

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