Top 10 Tips For Safe Handling Of Electrical Wires

Proper handling of electrical wires and cables is extremely important in order to avoid potentially serious accidents in office. Given below are some of the important tips that you must follow in order to handle electrical wires in a safe and easy manner lets take a detail look on Top 10 Tips For Safe Handling Of Electrical Wires . To deal with Electricity You should first read some precautions and then work carefully.

Careless children playing with sockets and electricity indoors
Careless children playing with sockets and electricity indoors

10. Be Careful 

Avail of the services of professional electrical contractors, in case you find that there are certain serious issues with your wires and cables. Seeking professional advice in a timely manner can keep your home and/or office safe from significant damages.These tips, if followed carefully, can minimize the element of risk associated with handling, managing and/or repairing electric wires. You can also avail of the services of professional electricians, if required for Electricity Failure.

9. Switch Off The Circuit

When handling the cables and wires, make sure that you switch off the circuit breaker first. Handling powered wires can be extremely risky, even after you take all the other necessary precautions. Switching off the circuit breaker is widely recommended as a safety measure while dealing with electrical wiring.

8. Use Rubber Handle Tools

If you have to bend or cut electrical wires, always use tools that have rubber handles. Usually wire cutters or pliers are made of metals which are good conductors of electricity. However, rubber handles ensure that you are not exposed to any significant danger, even while handling wires that carry strong electrical power.

7. Wear Rubber Boats

Sudden heavy rains can cause leaky roofs, which, in turn, can cause water to seep into your work area. A wet working area can be highly dangerous for an individual who handles electrical wires. To do away with such dangers, you can wear rubber boots, since rubber is a non-conductor of electricity.

6. Heat Shrink Tubing

To make the handling of electrical wiring completely safe, ensure that wires are kept protected from UV radiation, abrasion, and corrosion. For this purpose, heat shrink tubing can be used. With heat shrink tubing the wires are not exposed to heat and moisture. Heat shrink tubing is available in various shapes, colors and sizes. It can be used for different purposes, including electrical insulation, identification, termination, mechanical protection etc. Heat shrink tubing finds extensive usage in automotive, electronic, shipping, telecommunications and many other industries.

5.  Wiring

Wiring systems should be placed away from water , So that water contact will not burn or blast the wiring.

4. Complete your Training First

You must have studied about voltages and electrical wiring as a part of your elementary academic training. However, recalling such past knowledge can be an impossible task. Glance through wire repairing manuals to brush up your knowledge. This will help you in detecting the wire faults faster, and repairing them as soon as possible.

3. Always Wear Rubber Gloves

Always wear rubber gloves while working with electrical wires. Live wires and cables are dangerous and cause accidents, which can compromise your safety and well-being. Electricity is danger if you skip to wear Rubber gloves.

2. Use Safety Goggles

Be careful while handling or working with high voltage wires, since they generally tend to produce sparks. These sparks can adversely affect your eyesight, if they happen to come in direct contact with your eyes. The bright light that is generated from these sparks can also daze you, while working on wires. To minimize all such risks, use a pair of safety goggles. This can protect your eyes from getting affected by high-powered sparks.

1 . Keep Voltmeter With Your Tools 

If you have to handle or repair electrical wires then first get the info on the voltage which is being used. This can help you a great deal in detecting the possible reasons that can cause problems in a cord. You should ideally use a voltmeter for this purpose, to get an accurate reading. If you find out that the voltmeter is not sending the right amount of power, further alterations in the measurement methods would probably be required. Keep doing adjustments till the voltmeter can read the exact amount of power.

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