Top 10 Greatest Comic Book Super-villains In History

Who doesn’t like an evil super-villains that makes a hero realize who he is up against and what he is doing to save the people from that mad man that is why we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Greatest Comic Book Super-villains In History , Without them the movie’s value down to nil , they perform great so lets a look on this post below.

10) Kingpin

If you want organized crime in New York City. He is the man to call not originally evil but circumstances forces him to succumb to his dark and evil side employing mater assassin’s like Bulls-eye & Elektra. He may look like an evil man but he is just a small boy crying in the corner like in his childhood begging for a simpler time.

9) Dark Phoenix

The most powerful entities in the universe the Dark Phoenix has immense telepathy and telekinetic abilities, but more importantly control over matter itself. This power level, combined with the fact that she is the alter ego of marvel comics beloved mutant super heroine jean grey this is sort of a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde situation with her causes great friction between her and her loved ones.

8) Loki

Loki is a character that gives the word evil a run for its money. He is evil and mischief personified he from time to time tried to take over him home realm of Asgard as his own he is just a jealous brother who just wants the attention like a diva Loki has also troubled Thor in his love life from time to time leaving the prince of thunder heartbroken

7) Ra’s Al Ghul

He is an immortal global terrorist who wants to make the world in his own crazy version of order and discipline but there is always a bat that will stop him from doing his deed with the help of his daughter Talia Al Ghul. He is one of the most feared men in the universe. But ironically he is also the grandfather to batman son Damien so it has turned into a matter of family.

6) Darkseid

Lord of the war planet Apokolips. He is one of the most vindictive and feared and impatient New God in the universe he never comes to you but he will arrange a meet like a chess game tired of the rules of his existence he rebelled and created his own regime of war lords.

5) Galactus

Death, Eternity, The origins of the universe. He is one of these many processes that make the universe exist he eats planets to feed his hunger and his purposes but his crusade is always interrupted by many heroes who want their planet to exist. He is one of the most powerful being and cosmic entities in existence

4) Lex Luthor

He is not a bad man IF you look at the world from his point of view his only goal is to stop the people from worshiping the man of steel and let people worship him. In a short phrase he is a desperately attention deprived person who will do anything for attention of any kind

3) Doctor Doom

He is a truly noble man as he stands by his word and means no bad when he makes a promise trying to take his revenge on the world for destroying his life he is only understood on a mental plain my very few people but one of those people is Mr. Fantastic Who he can match wits with is really jealous of his love for the Invisible Woman.

2) Joker

Psychopathic Clown Prince of Crime. His existence is a testament for Batman that where ever there is good there will be bad and he proves by constantly getting on his nerves his sole existence is because he thinks he is giving Batman a purpose to continue being The Dark Knight they are the same person but on different sides of the Law

1) Magneto

As a Jewish child in Germany during the height of Adolf Hitler’s reign, He discovers it the hard way that humanity is no friend to mutants he simply protecting his kind and his ideals come in clash with his Friends.

This was my top 10 opinion on the top ten super villains of all time give us your opinion in mail or comment on this topic.

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