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Top 10 Easiest Ways To Earn Money In USA

Is your money-bank not enough to meet your expenses? Do you want to be an independent individual? Do you need money for supplement student loans or for achieving your goals? It is not a problem anymore because now days you can make money by doing very less effort. All you have to do is just find out your skills, choose a job and there you go. In this list, I am going to introduce Top 10 easiest ways to earn money in USA. You can use these methods to earn money from all around the world too.  Don’t worry! These ways of earnings are not illegal at all and many people are already earning a good amount from these jobs.

10. By Selling Your Blood

If you are physically fit and you are not suffering from any dangerous disease, you can make  a quick buck by donating your all such things like white blood cells, red blood cells, hair or even breast milk etc. from your body that your internal systems is continuously generating. By donating these things you are not only earning $20-$25 but also you are helping others at their time of need.

Note: Do not do any such thing that you are not comfortable with.

9. Baby Sitting

Easiest Ways To Earn Money In USA – Baby Sitting

In a country like USA, both parents have to earn to burn the both ends of the candle, people have very busy routines and mothers usually don’t have time to sit in their homes for their babies, so if you are out of your teens; it is an easy way to earn money by just sitting around, taking little care and feeding a baby. Do not panic, you don’t need a criminal bureau record to look after a child. You can earn minimum $5 per hour even if you are not trained.

8. Take Advantage Of Your Beauty

If you think you are beautiful or handsome enough and you have some confidence that you can come to the screen then this job would be perfect for you.  All you have to do is go to the company’s website, fill some basic information and if they find you according to their need, they will contact you. I think it’s not such a bad deal to say few dialogues and earn $500-$1000 per advertisement.

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7. Research Work

If you are a graduate or an under-graduate student, you can easily earn a good amount of money ranging from $50 to $100 per hour by doing research for an institute. Many educational institutes need a researcher to do research on different subjects. You can also take extra charges for doing assignments or for writing search papers for that institute. One can also earn by becoming a subject clinical drug trials. They will just do some experiments on you and you will get a healthy amount.

6. Online Surveys And Competitions

For a few minutes of long form filling you can be paid with the cash. Many research companies recruit new members for testing their products and filling their survey sheets. Some good surveys to try are Global Test Market, Hiving, New Vista, Toluna etc. You can also increase your bank balance by taking part in many online competitions that will also increase your knowledge. There is a community in UK specifically called “compers” that are making large amount of money of $50,000 every year through these competitions and now this way of earning is consistently increasing in USA.

5. Tuition’s

For an educated person, earning money by sharing their knowledge is a best part time job to do. It provides you a steady flow of cash, makes your concepts clear and gives you a valuable work experience. Many tuitions sites are also available through which you can teach others all across the world online without getting in trouble. This method of earning requires good communication skills. It is very common throughout the world and is considered as one of the simplest way of earning in USA. But if you are a student make sure not to do too much tutoring during your exams.

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4. Sell Out

One of the easiest ways is to earn money from your old and extra stuff. Yeah right! And if you are looking for some extra stuff, go to the store room of your house and ta-da, you will find the treasure there. You can also receive some money by selling out your old clothes that you think are outdated now. Not only this, but also empty your shelves and racks and sell out your old books to your juniors by either advertising them or enlist them online. You can also take into account your CDs and video games for selling out.

3. Freelance

If you are a skilled person and you have some experience related to web designing, Photoshop, article writing or you have good know how of a trendy software, then this job is perfect for you. You do online work and get money. You can also work as a freelancer interviewer. Many companies can hire you as an interviewer and they take your time. Only you have to interview for them in return you get cash and traveling expenses.

2. Mystery Shopping

Yes, you read that right. You can also get cash for doing shopping. In short you spend and you earn more. Many different companies hire people to do search on different plazas, shopping centers and restaurants in question. These people are meant to shop mysteriously from their assigned places to check the behavior of employees, cleanliness of the place, custom services etc. After submitting reports to the company, you get the compensation in the form of vouchers for what you have shopped and additional $15-$20 per task.

1. YouTube Videos

Believe it or not, you only have to do something interesting and trendy to earn money through YouTube. People understand better by watching videos than by reading long pages about the things they want to know. According to a survey, people see more YouTube videos than searching on google. If you upload something interesting like gigs, pranks, lectures, songs or some informative videos or anything about the hot issues on YouTube, you have hit the board. More likes or subscribes on your video, more money you will get and that’s it.

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