Top 10 Countries Without Armed Forces

Security is the first preference of any country. If you have high ranked force no one try to harm your country. For internal threats there are many agencies are working to prevent from internal threats like police forces. Strongest armies does not mean that you aim to destroy other’s peace but people keep that huge army for the satisfaction of their nation, their investors so that they can live happily and grow their businesses successfully. Would you believe that, there are some countries still in this world who managed to run their country safely without any armed forces? Is this look like impossible? No this is totally right here we have Top 10 Countries Without Armed Forces. The security conditions in these countries are neutral without any threat they are still growing. everyone wants to know how they manage things like that, what are their secrets lets see the complete details below.

 10. Andorra

According to the estimation of 2013, the total population of this country is 85,293. The national language of Andorra is Catalan, however with other dominant religions in this country, due to which other spoken languages in this country are French, Portuguese  and Castilian. The most dominant religion in Andorra is Roam Catholic. The most interesting thing that they don’t have forces like army whether they have police force for internal security reason which was formed in 2011. They don’t even need armed forces because Spain and France are responsible for the defense of Andorra because of the mutual agreement.

 9. Palau

This is situated in the Western Pacific Ocean and also known as the Republic of Palau. The capital of Palau is Melekeok.  Palau is actually the part of Micronesia. Palauan and English are the official languages of this country. They Don’t have their own Armed forces but they also have police forces for internal peace. On 1st October 1994 they signed agreement with UN according to which UN will protect Palau.

8. Kiribati

According to 2011 population count the total population of Kiribati was 101,093.  The capital of Kiribati is South Tarawa and the country is located in central tropical pacific ocean. Their national language is Kiribati while English and Kiribati are their official spoken languages. Their established constitution is protecting this country and they also don’t have army but they have police force.

 7. Vatican City

Very small country, population of just 834 counted in 2012 officially known as  Vatican City State or Stato della Citta del Vaticano. The total area of Vatican City is just 110 acres. Due to such a low population and small area Vatican City is known as the smallest internationally recognized independent state. They are following Absolute Monarch or Ecclesiastical Ruling government type. Their defense is the responsibility of Italy because of the mutual agreement.

6. Grenada

Saint George is the capital of Grenada and its total population is 90,739. The main production of this country is cinnamon, ginger, cloves and other spices due to which it is also known as spice island. Among those countries who carries and spoke English as their official language, Grenada is one of them and also one of the smallest countries of Western Hemisphere. Christopher Columbus is the man who discovered this during his trial. They have police force named as Royal Grenada Police but the don’t have army.

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is situated in Central America and in English it is also known as Republic in Costa Rica and as Republica De Costa Rica in Spanish. They are maintaining Democratic Republic Government.  In 16th century Costa Reca was belong to Spanish Colony, Then they work for their independence and in 1821 they first raise their voice for independence from Spain and the other declaration was happened in 1838. With more than 4 million population after full independence and sovereignty Costa Rica became  one of the most progressive countries. They work hard to make their economy better and they also cover huge area for agriculture purpose, technology and for other businesses. They dissolved their army too in 1949. They are living without armed forces.

4. Liechtenstein

According to GDP per capita it is the smallest yet the richest German speaking country. It is located in the central Europe and well known as Landlocked Alpine Country. They don’t have their own armed forces and they are relying on good relations with the neighbor countries. They are following Constitutional Monarchy and parliamentary system. Their official language is German.

3. Marshall Islands

The total population of Marshall Island is 54,816 and it is located in the Northern Pacific Ocean and the capital of Marshall Island is Majuro. From almost last four decades it was under the US administration before freedom and Independence. They achieved total freedom and sovereignty in 986. They formed just Marshall Island Police in 2012 and they don’t have other force like Army or military forces. Under the compact of free association agreement US will provide defense to Marshall Island if needed.

 2. Tuvalu

According to 2011 population cont, the total population of Tuvalu was just 9,847. The capital city of Tuvalu is Funafuti. The official languages of Tuvalu is English and Tuvalun and they are maintaining non partisan democracy, constitutional monarchy, Representative democracy and Parliamentary system. They just have Tuvalu police force and they don’t have military or armed forces since separation from British Colony in 1978.

1. Federated States of Micronesia

In the list of countries without armed forces, Federated States of Micronesia is at number 1 position. The capital of Federated States of Micronesia is Palikir. According to last count in 2011 the total population of this country reached to 111,542 and their official language is English. It is also the part of compact of free association in 1986 like some other countries present in this list. After the declaration of independence they don’t have military forces. Their internal security is the responsibility of Maritime Surveillance Unit. And US is responsible for their external security and defense.

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