Top 10 Countries With Highest Rate Of Robberies

The rate of crime has increased not only in the single area in the world but also in world wide. Taking a thing forcefully from any one which is not yours is called robbery. Robbery is a inhumane thing. Due to increase rate in robberies the people has suffered in fear and can not go any where freely. In this fear people can not enjoy their life fully. The rate is calculated as average per year.Here are the list of the 10 countries which have the highest rate of robberies .

10. Uruguay (277.5)

Uruguay is located in southern part of America.Uruguay has suffered in this problem and recent reports tell us that total number of robberies are 277.5. The crime rate is increasing in the past 3 years .In which home broken with things stolen and car thefts got the highest ratio.

9. Swaziland (304.20)

Swaziland is a part of South Africa. It is a beautiful country with superb places to visit but is now suffering the increase rate of robberies which are reported to reached 304.20 robberies. 5.15 % of it, is a part of corruption.

8. Ecuador (398.80)

Ecuador is found in the border of Columbia which is a part of South Africa. 398.80 robberies cases have been reported. In which about half is the corruption incidents in high business level.

7. Nicaragua (440.70)

Nicaragua is located in the Central part of America near the Northern Hemisphere. The robbery cases recorded are 440.70 which placed it at number 7th position. In this rate 65.71% is a business corruption. The software piracy rate has increased too much which is also a form of theft.

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6. South Africa (494.50)

With increasing rate of crime South Africa has become the unsafe place to live. The people living here are of multi-ethnic languages with having different culture. 494.50 robbery cases has been reported till now. In which 93,133 are car theft. And 16.09% are of corruption cases and 80% with software piracy.

5. Mexico (504.70)

Mexico is located in northern America and is one of the largest country in the American continent. It is the world’s 11th populated country in the world. Mexico has also suffered in this problem so badly that is ranked at number 5th position with total robbery incident of 504.70. In which car theft is 141,007 and corruption has its role of 17.84%. software piracy rate is so high which recorded as 61%.

4. Costa Rica (556.40)

Costa Rica is again a country of Central America is included in this list which is ranked at number 4th position. This country has a multiethnic and multicultural people .Costa Rica means is rich coast. But have a high rate of robberies in which car theft are at top. The total robbery incidents are 527.30. Car thefts are at top here with 4,385 incidents and corruption in business also plays a major role with 39.94% and fraud cases are 1,894. Here software piracy also included which has its contribution of 61%.

3. Dominican Republic (556.40)

Dominican Republic is located in La Hispaniola, which is a Caribbean part. This country has a high rate in robberies and placed at number 3rd position. The robberies recorded in this country are 556.40. Here software piracy rate is high which made 79% contribution in this.

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2.Argentina (905.30)

South African country is again listed in this list but now is Argentina. This is the largest country here in South Africa followed by Brazil. It has high economy in USA but has suffered with high rate of robberies. It is placed world’s wide at number 2nd position with 905.30 robberies. The corruption having a part of only 4.33% but software piracy rate is high that is 74%.

1. Chile (1,275.60)

Chile is a Country of North America. Chile has the stable and growing economy . Chile is suffering badly in robbery incidents. It has the highest rate of robberies and taking the 1st position in word’s wide with rate of 1,275.60 robberies. Corruption in business having the part of about 12.87% but car theft has high rate which are 5,930 cases. Software piracy rate is also have which included 66%.

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