Top 10 All Time Favourite Perfumes for Women!

Mostly, every woman love to try all of their favorite perfumes in their lifetime. They give most of their priority to enchanted fragrances after clothes, cosmetics and shoes. They want to smell good in every condition. Generally in summer season, body sprays are more preferred than perfumes because they are anti-odorant to the perspiration. And in winter season, both sprays and perfumes are worn. Most often, women go for long-lasting fragrances that also smell good.

Many types of perfumes are available in the market and it is quite difficult to make a short list of Top 10 All Time Favourite Perfumes for Women . Here we have created our own list of top ten all time best perfumes for women  below. Hope you like them   .

10). The Heart-Shaped Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette:

The Heart-Shaped Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette
The Heart-Shaped Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette

This lilac color liquid perfume is packed in a heart-shaped bottle which smells very romantic and fascinating. It was basically designed for Vera Wang which expresses an ultra-modern look. It is available in 30, 50 or 100ml bottle and can be proved to be a good gift for you mother, wife, girlfriend etc.

09). Versace Bright Crystal:

Versace Bright Crystal
Versace Bright Crystal

This Versace perfume contains luminous brightness with transparency. It gives a fresh and vibrant aroma that will make you feel happy all long. It is an innovative blend of chilled yuzu and pomegranate infused with cooling blossoms of peony, magnolia and lotus flower dried with some musk and amber. Perfumes containing ingredients like some fruits and small flowers are always very sensual and blissful.

08). The Tingling Sensation:Lola vie Perfume:

This perfume is created and launched by Jennifer Aniston which is also an exception to other perfumes in such a way that it contains fresh and refreshing fragrance from most of the flowers found in nature. It is very light to wear and is especially made for those women who want their scents very close to the skin. The name is derived from a beautiful French name meaning “laughing out loud at life”.

07). Calvin Klein Obsession:

Calvin Klein

This Oriental spicy perfume for women is deigned by Calvin Klein. This feminine perfume contains a fusion of vanilla, amber, orange blossom, oak moss and other oriental spices. It is citrus-based perfume made from peach extracts which also contains notes of vanilla and greens with contemporary tones of spices, musk and sandalwood. It is most suitable to be worn for the day-time use.

06). The Casual Curious Perfume:

This perfume was launched in 2004 by Britney Spears. It is exclusively floral, mingled with aromatic blooms of magnolia, tuberose, vanilla-infused musk, sandalwood, jasmine and pear with golden Anjou Pear dewy lotus flower designed in quite a feminist way. This seductive blend of ingredients in a liquid aroma is perfect for a sophisticated touch for the women who love to be smell memorable in a sensual way. Sprinkle this innovative smell on your hair, body or clothes and that will make you feel enchanted throughout the day.

05). The Glowing J Lo Perfume:

This perfume is launched by the famous singer Jennifer Lopez designed in quite a seductive, cool and soft way containing perceptive and refreshing feel. The liquid contains a slight violet color which compliments the shape and look of the perfume. Floral scents are infused with bright citrus fruit extracts contained with a hint of cool vanilla and musk. It exudes absolutely the feminist glamour with the blend of hot seductiveness. It is available in 50 or 75ml bottles.

04). Paris Hilton Perfume:

Mostly, a Paris Hilton perfume symbolizes sophistication and sensuality enclosed in some shade of pink color often. It is a sleek and innovative aroma for any woman. It is made with ingredients like frozen apple, peach contained with a cute heart of freesia, mimosa, jasmine and tuberose. It also contains hints of sandalwood, musk and oak moss. This perfume is exclusively designed for female use and is perfect for any type of event; either a date or evening out or even for daily use.

03). Taylor Swift Wonderstruck:

This is signature perfume launched and created by the famous singer Taylor Swift. It is inspired by Taylor’s personal experiences of life. All of its liquid purely signifies authentication and beauty comprehending all about Taylor just like her successive development of singing. When you wear it, people will most likely to be seen asking you about this scent. It gives you a feeling like you enjoy in being love with someone or when you get some magical feelings sometime. Its name ‘Wood struck’ is also a lyric in Taylor’s “Enchanted” song.

02). Lovely Perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker:

Lovely is the first fragrance launched by Sarah Jessica Parker which is truly obsessed with style and class. It is a very soft innovative fragrance with most of it in powdery elements announced as ‘silky white amber’. It is a sensuous fragrance made in a classically elegant way. Therefore, this fragrance is very modern and charming. Women of any age can wear this fragrance anytime because of its sexy and reliable classy touch of aroma.

01). The Enchanting Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Perfume:

Marc Jacobs introduced this Daisy Eau de perfume to celebrate the anniversary of his first daisy fragrance. Its liquid perfume contains the refreshing and glam beauty of the original oriental daisy toilet fragrance. It is full of glamour, refinement, elegance, simplicity, charm and delicacy. Daisy perfume is available in the blended fragrances of strawberry, white woods, jasmine, grapefruit, vanilla, ruby red, voilet petals, musk and gardenia. Once you smell it, it gives a sensual seduction to your smell sensing buds and for sure is the best gift for women of any age.

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