Must Watch These 5 underrated Bollywood rom-coms During Lockdown!

Every once in a while we all love to indulge in the guilty pleasure of watching a rom-com which is cheesy, corny and rom-com which is cheesy, corny and rom-com which is cheesy, goosebumps-inducing cute and a insanely funny. Since we have all overdozed on the much popular DdLJ and Jab We met, we have compiled a list of rom-coms which are sweet and filled to brim with romance, but gravely underrated.

1) Socha Na Tha – 

The film about Viren(Abhay Deol) and Aditi (Ayesha Takia), two young urbanites reveling in their childish fantasies and wild shenanigans, are brought together by two families for an arranged match that both refuse causing rift between both the families. Aditi and Viran continue to be friends even when both get engaged to different people and as things get complicated they realize they’ve fallen in love with each other. A master stroke by Imtiaz Ali in portraying the indecisiveness, the confusion and the fervor that characterizes youth. The film was appreciated critically but never took off with the audience.

2) Rules- Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula – A plain-Jane photography assistant, Radha( Meera Vasudevan), is mind-bendingly infatuated with a gorgeous model,Vikram (Milind Soman) , who naturally hasn’t noticed that she exists. Enter Radha’s grandmom with her quick fix on attraction. She gives a kickstarts toRadha’ stagnant love life with her ‘Laws of attractions’ that helps Radha to  hook the man of her dreams. Bollywood has often been accused of lacking in novelty. But every once in a while, there comes this film that convinces you a new age is about to dawn.  Rules,  directed by Parvati Balagopalan, is one such movie. It is filled with small, lovely moments that make you laugh, cry and share every emotion with the actors onscreen.  If not anything else, you sure should watch the film for the stunningly gorgeous real-life supermodel, Milind Soman, who surprisingly acts well.

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3) Jhankar Beats- Rishi (Rahul Bose) and Deep (Sanjay Suri) are friends who work in an ad agency. While the former is facing the prospect of a messy divorce from his wife Nicky (Rinkie Khanna), the latter and his homemaker-wife Shanti (Juhi Chawla) are awaiting the birth of their second child. A fanatical love for the music of the legendary R.D. Burman cements their friendship. Drawing inspiration from their late idol, Rishi and Deep aspire to win a music competition- Jhankar Beats which they have lost for two straight years. Their search for a guitarist leads them to Neel (Shayan Munshi), who turns out to be the New York-returned son of their employer. Another subplot that the film hinges on is the admen’s struggle to coin a punch line for a condom ad poster.

It is a niche film, portraying a simple story which is original, bright, witty and youthful. It is garnished too perfection with consistently funny situations, hilarious one-liners, numerous feel-good moments and a dash of brilliant music.

 4) Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein – A remake of the popular Tamil film Minnale directed by Gautham Menon, the film was not successful during the time of its release, but over the years it has developed cult following among Indian youth. It is famous by its acronym RHTDM. The film stars Madhavan, Dia Mirza and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles. The movie is basically a love triangle; Madhav, who falls for Reena Malhotra learns that she will soon be engaged to Rajiv Samra, a childhood friend who she has not seen in years. Madhav decides to impersonate Rajiv in order to spend more time with Reena but gets caught eventually when the real Rajiv shows up.

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The plot of the film may seem like any other Bollywood film, but there is still a breath of fresh air with the way Dia and Madhvan’s romance is shown. No grand gestures, just simple fleeting moments which seem natural yet are toe-curling cute.  

5) Bollywood Hollywood– Directed by Deepa Mehta, the film stars the dapper and ultra handsome Rahul Khanna who plays Rahul Seth, a westernized dotcom millionaire living in Tornoto with his crazy Indian family. He is under extreme pressure from his family to get engaged to a good Hindu girl before his sister’s upcoming wedding. Desperate, he hires the services of the gorgeous Sue ( Lisa Ray), a local escort girl, to pretend to be his fiancée during the ten days of celebration, leading up to his sister’s marriage ceremony. They enter into the relationship as opposites. However, during this fateful period of much song, dance and merriment, Rahul and Sue’s relationship slowly transcends that of employer and employee as they fall for each other.

The film pokes fun at the squeamish Indian stereotypes through humor. The movie blends Hollywood style slapstick comedy with a Bollywood tadka of singing and dancing. The movie received a mixed response from the audience but is worth a watch.

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