If You’re Stressed Out During #Lockdown, these 10 memes will make you smile!

They say laughter is the best medicine – and as Indians find themselves staying home during extended 14 days nationwide lockdown after 1st 21st days Lockdown to contain the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus, many turn to social media to make piece with the situation and give other their dose of laughter too. Check out some of the most innovative and hilarious #CoronavirusLockdown Memes on Internet…

Comedian Sunil Grover share a photo of a man out grocery shopping during the lockdown – wearing an important placard on his back. 

This one of a ‘home gym’ that has left many in splits. 

This Video Shared on Internet shows the post Lockdown Effects

Why would COVID-19 won’t do any harm to Hollywood actor Tom hanks?

When Someone Sneeze at you 🙂

Missing the Local Train !!!!

Meeting your Colleague after #lockdown

Impact of working from home

When you find out that Pizza Boy is Spreading Corona Virus

How #CoronaVirus Committed Suicide after read its treatment on Whatsapp


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