5 reasons that make Ranveer Singh the undisputed ‘Befikra’ of Bollywood

Ranveer Singh tempestuous response effectuated us to compile a list of why he is the undisputed ‘Befikra’ of Bollywood.

1) The real deal- Ranveer Singh is unabashedly himself. He will not pretend to be an auteur connoisseur when he is fixated on anything and everything that is Bollywood. From his Govinda inspired jigs at award shows to his entertaining emulation of Hrithik at a traffic signal in a Krrish costume; he expresses his fervor for Bollywood without any inhibition. For everyone who looks down upon his ‘filminess’, he has a fitting reply, “I don’t take it as an insult, I wear it as a badge of honor…i am filmy and I am damn proud of it. Bollywood meri ragon mein hai..mere rom rom mein hai!”. His sporting attitude at the infamous AIB roast showed us, that gone are the days when actors with fragile egos would stir up a storm at one bad review. He can joke and is spirited enough to take a few hits on himself. This uncanny ability to sway the crowds with his infectious energy and by being his candid-humorous self has led him to the crest of waves.

2) The talent house- As far as Ranveer Singh‘s performance as an actor goes; Ranveer has consciously taken up roles that challenge his capabilities. From the loud mouthed Bitto Singh in Band Baaja Baraat to the classy and savvy Kabir Mehra in Dil Dhadakne Do, his evolution as an actor is phenomenal and that is not even half of the talent he posses. He has not only impressed with his acting and dancing prowess but also with his adeptness with words. Ranveer Singh has quite a few raps to his credit including a song for his film Ladies V/s Ricky Behl and the Ching noodles advertisement.

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3) The sex-talk – Oh no no! This is not to suggest any sexual innuiuendos on Ranveer’s part. We are just impressed with the lad’s bold take on the topic of sex which is looked askance at in our hidebound society. The actor ventured into endorsements through the condom brand Durex, an unconventional approach largely avoided by the company of actors. Being the maverick that he is, he endorsed the brand with full zeal by penning a risqué rap for the ad, rollicking to the groovy music while professing safe sex. The actor also went ahead to collaborate with MTV, to create a web show ‘Durex Mtv Rex Talk’ to promote sex awareness among youngsters.  Clearly, the man puts his money where his mouth is!

4) Dressed to Kill – Sometimes taking the phrase too literally, Ranveer has sported plethora of styles-outlandish printed suits, floral shirts, boot-cut jeans with leather jackets, jodhpuri’s, colorful hats and shoes, or the muppet pajyamas with the t-shirt that read ‘No f*** to give, jazzed up with sylvester slippers he wore at the GQ party- just about everything to knock the socks off all fashion enthusiasts.  He makes ‘being comfortable in your skin’ cool. If his out-of-the box fashion sense isn’t enough, the young blood goes out of his way to experiment with hairstyles and facial hair. From sporting that sexy Bhagat SIngh mooch to the flaunting his luscious mane for Ram-leela, the actor has made us swoon with his audacious la voga!

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 5) Incorrigible PDA ninja- By his own admission, he is by nature ‘a hugger and a kisser’. He doesn’t shy away from exhibiting his love publically, whether it’s for his lady love Deepu, or for his bromance partner Arjun Kapoor. He wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t let go of a chance to show his affection to his loved ones. His oh-so-cute public gloating of Deepika’s successes and the stolen hugs and kisses shows us that he is a man in love, and is a man enough to admit it! What could be more sexy?!

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