10 most Deadliest Hurricanes in World History

Hurricanes are huge storms ,spreading hundreds of miles across with blinding speeds reaching 200 miles per hour. Hurricanes are a display of the destructive force of nature and time and time again this force is out on display on coastal areas all across the world. There are various areas of a hurricane and each area has his own characteristics depending upon the wind speeds and the weather. The center of any hurricane is called “The Eye” and it is the calmest part of the entire storm. Hurricanes bring with them not only high speed winds but rain and hail reaching the size of tennis balls cause the most of the destruction. If a hurricane hits a residential area , it is likely that the whole area would be left flat to the ground , trees ripped out of the ground and all means of communication , electricity destroyed by fallen trees and flying debris. Based on the hurricanes that have been recorded in recent history , a list is given below presenting the deadliest hurricanes that have rocked the cost lines.Here we have 10 most Deadliest Hurricanes in World History.

10) Hurricane Katrina

Everyone is aware of hurricane Katrina that hit the coastal areas of USA just 7 years ago in 2005.It is considered in top 5 hurricanes that have cause the most destruction in history of the states. The hurricane started as a category 5 out at sea but at landfall it was reduced to a category 3 storm. The total property damage caused amounted to $ 81 billion. The most affected was New Orleans as it left millions of people hopeless with their property fully submerged under water. Among other largely affected areas were Florida and Gulf Coast. Apart from the damage on land , Katrina caused millions of gallons of oil spills that left a deep scar on sea life. A total of 1836 people were killed and hundreds were left missing.

9) Hurricane Andrew

Back in August 1992 a hurricane named ‘Andrew’ started on 16th of August and made its landfall on the coastal areas of South Florida , Louisiana and Bahamas. The highest winds recorded in this storm reached a scorching 175 mph , dealing a total damage cost of $ 26.5 billion. Various oil platforms were damaged resulting in killing of about 182 million fish and 26 people were left dead. The hurricane lasted for 12 days , dissipating on 28th of August.

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8) The Great Hurricane of 1780

The total amount of people who were killed is enough to understand the destructive power of this hurricane which was approximated to about 22,000. The hurricane hit the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean lasting for six days from October 10th . The winds of this hurricane reached to 200 mph destroying thousands of homes along its way. A fleet of French ships involved in the American Revolutionary War were also capsized resulting in about 4000 drowned soldiers.

7) Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike is the costliest hurricane ever to hit Cuba and is among the top 5 hurricanes that hit United States of America. It had winds reaching to 145 mph dealing a damage of $ 37.6 billion to various states of USA , Dominican republic and Cuba. A total of 103 people were reported to have lost their lives in this storm which started on September 1st ,2008 , dissipating after 13 days on September 14th .

6) Hurricane Iniki

Hurricane Iniki was the most powerful storm record in recorded history to hit the state of Hawaii. It started on September 5th ,1992 and lasted for 8 days. The total damage cause by this storm amounted to $ 1.8 billion and 6 direct fatalities were reported after the storm subsided. Winds of 145 mph were reported which made this storm a category 4. There are different categories of hurricanes with different effects and causes of hurricane recorded.

5) Galveston Hurricane of 1900

This hurricane formed on August 27th ,1900 and lasted for 19 days. A total of 6000 to 12000 people were reported dead in that hurricane news and a total damage of $ 20 million was calculated. The storm clocked wind speeds of 145 mph affecting a wide range of places because of its huge span spread across hundreds of miles. The large amount of casualties were blamed on poor preparations for the storm and after it was over the overall disaster turned to be many times greater then expected.

4) Hurricane Pauline

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Pauline is the deadliest hurricane to hit Mexico is recorded history dealing a damage of $447.8 million with wind speeds reaching 130 mph causing intensive flooding and mudslides which left 0.3 million people homeless and 220 to 500 reported fatalities. A total of 0.6 million people were affected , thousands of houses were destroyed crippling the life of southwestern Guerrero.

3) Hurricane Kenna

Kenna was a category 5 hurricane and is considered as the second most deadliest hurricane to hit the west coast of Mexico. The storm started on October 22nd , 2002 and lasted for 4 days carrying winds of staggering 165 mph causing a total damage of $ 101 million. As many as 4 people were reported death in the aftermath of the storm but thousands of homes and work places were completely destroyed. 95 % of the buildings in San Blas were completely rooted from their foundations and scores of other structures were left damaged.

2) Typhoon Nina 1975

Nina in 1975 proved to be a nightmare for China as the winds of 250 mph left a damage of $ 1.2 billion on a weak country at that time. A total of 100,000 people were killed because of severe flooding which resulted after the collapse of a dam which made the flooding many times worse. As a result of the collapse various other small dams were destroyed along the way increasing the number of fatalities. In Taiwan about 3000 homes were completely destroyed and in China a total of 62 dams were destroyed. These are the major and devastating effects of hurricanes in the history.

1) 1970 Bhola cyclone

Number one in the list of  10 most Deadliest Hurricanes in World History  is a name that has left a permanent mark on the people of India and East Pakistan because it resulted in a total of 300,000 to 500,000 people dead and many times more families left without a important family member or members and in many cases entire families and villages were completely removed from the face of history. Winds reaching speeds of 185 mph and no modern precautionary measures the storm proved to be the deadliest ever in human history and it seems it would keep its top place for a long time to come. Millions of homes and businesses were destroyed and a huge damage in terms of economy and lost crop fields to flooding made this storm our number one.

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