10 Most Bizarre Toilets Ever Seen

Toilets are very necessary for everyone , if we move backward to more then 100 years then the way of sanitation is very bizarre for us but now a days with the passage of time we are know well civilized that we have toilets in our houses and also in public places but here we have 10 such type of funny toilets that are really bizarre , its just not funny but every person who made any of these toilets had paid little bit good amount lets take a detail view of 10 Most Bizarre Toilets Ever Seen in the World.

10. Holy Pee

Actually this is not only bizarre toilet but also disrespectful for Christian religion followers , it is also names as Vatican Urinals.

9. The Disappearing Urinals

Hey the picture and the name showing everything that why me calling this Bizarre. These urinals are only for late night party lovers , because it appears at 10 pm and disappear in morning , this type of urinal are present in London.

8. An Open Mouth

How cheap and bizarre is this toilet , this is only for mean , it is open mouth toilet concept with teeth.

7. Let’s Get Political

This toilet is reminding you about the politician George Bush or giving you resemblance about him.

 6. Hang Me

This toilet look like a place for punishing people for their sin , the blades and the rope making this toilet ,a killing toilet look.

5. The Golden Toilet

Could you believe that this toilet is totally made from gold and i don’t think that you even wish to do Shi* in it.
4. A Royal Treatment

This is looking very impressive chair but it is actually a toilet which is named as A Royal Treatment.
3. Find Comfort in Trumpet

You are not going to blow trumpet here but you would use it for your comfort.
2. Playing While Finishing

This is a really bizarre modern and advance toilet in which people playing Play Station during Finishing .
1. I See You but You Can’t See Me

How you feel when you are doing something in toilet and you are seeing people are doing their work here and there around you , you are feeling uncomfortable there but actually you are in that toilet where you see people moving outside but in reality .

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