10 Bollywood “Sisters before misters” songs!

With umpteen number of films made in Bollywood on’ Bromance’ and ‘Brother bonding’, ‘Pinga’ from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘BajiraoMastani’ comes as a breath of fresh air. The song in question sees girlfriend’s bonding as Kashibai (Priyanka) who is the first wife of Bajirao, welcomes Mastani (Deepika), Bajirao’s second wife, into the household. .. We have compiled a list of songs which instantly makes us miss of our girlfriends and are a celebration of sisterhood.

1) Pinga – This song sees Deepika and Priyanka as Mastani and Kashibai respectively are seen doing the traditional Marathi dance, singing and dancing to celebrate their love for the one man who is the focus of their affection. The women seem to share a warm bond, where Mastani’s eyes is full of reverence for Kashibai , while Kashibai showers adulation on Mastani.

2) Eli re eli – A lot of us girls remember this song from the numerous times it was played on the loop just so that we could get the choreography right. This ultimate sisterhood song from the movie Yaadien, where Isha (Kareena) and her two sisters Sania and Avantika, are seen questioning each other about the riddle that love is and admitting to their yearning to find love and be loved.     

3) Dola re Dola – Another gem from Sanjay Leela Bahnsali, this song sees the two most beautiful women of Bollywood, Aishwariya and Madhrui as Paro and Chandramukhi, dancing to the steps of Saroj Khan, sharing an enviable chemistry as two friends in love with the same man! Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a pioneer in representing the piousness of sisterhood as that above of love and he does it magically.

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4) Piya Piya – Two bestfriends played by Priety and Rani, doing weird things which the director presumes girlfriends do- dance in towels, satiny nightsuits and wear same costumes …Nevertheless, the song is about two BFF’s doing their thing, no matter how unreal and silly they sound.

5) By the way –  The lyrics say it all-

 “Rukte hain kahaan hum roke se, Chalte hain hawa ke jhoke se, Apni to aisi hai zindagi ….yahi apni ada hai kya karein, koi bura jo mane kya karein, humse to hain  khafa ab sabhi….Jaane do chodo bhi!”

As long as we have our girlfriends, we don’t need no one!

6) Hungama ho gaya – The modern day anthem of girlfriends/ bff’s/ sisters. This song from Queen sees Lisa Haydon bring out the fun and the wild spirited side of Kangana and we love how these two women take the “Why should boys have all the fun?” mantra to next level.

7) No life without wife – Three sisters of Lalita (Aishwariya) teasing her about a certain Mr. Kohli, an obnoxious NRI, who has offered to marry her. The song is basically a check list of thing Lalita wants and doesn’t want in her to be husband- basically something all girls have done with their girlfriends, except not with all the singing and dacning!

8) Hum toh aise hai bhaiyaa – This song from Laga Chunari Mein Daag sees Rani and Konkona showing the sibling love, asserting their identities and confidence in living the life to the fullest. The trust they have in each other is endearing!

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9) Girls like to swing – The golden moment of this smashing hit from Dil Dhadakne Do is when the flapper and cruise dancer Farah Ali(Anushka) during her dance performance pulls Ayesha (Priyanka) for a quick dance ignoring a clearly smitten Ranveer to rightfully establish “Girls Like to swing.”The song is peppy with Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice infusing a different energy into the song.

 10) O womaniya – With Sneha Kunwulkar’s quirky musical notes, this song was an instant hit especially amongst women for it raw appeal! The lyrics are racy and jesty but it gives a new podium to folk songs and dialects in the mainstream Bollywood music.

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