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10 Best Ways to Impress The Girls!

Men are always conscious about the women and find the ways to impress the women. It is not easy to impress the women. Lot of qualities you should have in you to impress any girl. If you are looking forward to impress any girl then adopt some ways. Just check the list of 10 Best Ways to Impress the Girls.

10. Care for her

If you are looking forward to impress any girl then you should have a lot of care for her. Be first in helping that girl. Do not let her alone in any worst situation. Express your feeling by doing her difficult works.

9. Make a direct look into her eyes

If you want to show that you are interested in her. Look directly into her eyes. It will make her feel that you are interested with her. In dating with any girl do not look here and there and do not through your eyes on other parts of her body that will fell uncomfortable to her.

8. Be always attractive

You should always look attractive to impress any girl. Because girls do not like dirty looking guys. You should have to do a lot of things in grooming your self. Always wear a attractive dress and your hair style should be cool. Do not go in a date with unshaven condition. Do your Shave cleanly. You can use hair gel in holding your hair style. Usage of perfume will give extra points. In this way you can impress the girl.

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7. Do not let her bored

If you are in dating then manage the date in a way that your partner do not feel bore. Talk maximum with her and keep maintain her interest in your conversation by adding some of interesting topics. It will force her to meet you again.

6. Avoid cell phone

Girls need attention. During dating avoid from you cell phone. Your phone should be at silent mode. Using of phone during date will give a bad impression on the girl. And it will let her feel that you are ignoring her and she is not important. Focus on your date with out doing any disturbance.

5. Ask question about her interests

During date, the topic should not be lead by you every time. Give her time to talk and listen. Make sure that she is not feeling uncomfortable with you talk. If she is then change your topic. Better option is to ask questions about her interest. Specially her likes, dislikes and hobbies. Your question about her interest will make a pleasure effect on her and it will make her feel of your interest to her.

4. Make her smile

Make a smile on her face by adding some light jokes. It will fell her that you are a interesting guy.It will be able you both to frank with each other.

3. Ask for her opinion

Opinions of girls are important. Ask opinions from her. Make her feel that she is so important and her opinion has a worth for you. Follow her opinion and do what she say. This way you can impress your date.You can also ask advices from her.

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2. Be positive

To impress your date always be positive in all matters. Positive thinking has a great role in lasting any relation and it gains positive result even in every stage of life . Negative thinking can break any relation so put a great impression of your personality by showing positive outlook.

1.  Compliment her look

This spot is on the top due the true fact of girls that they are always have a craze in listening a compliment. You can impress her by compliment on her beauty,eyes, hairs, dress,  and talking style. It will feel your interest and love to her.

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